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Common Types of Custom Cookware

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Cookware customization types include:cookware Sets, saucepans, casseroles, fry pans, skillets, woks, roasters, steamers, stockpots, ressure ookers etc.

What are the characteristics of each type of cooker:

1. Cookware Sets:

Most companies offer customization for the variety of pieces in the set, handle design, lid types, and engraving for a personal touch. You may also have a say in the thickness and material combination each part is made from.

2. Saucepans:

Customization options can include size, depth, lid type (glass or stainless steel), handle design (long, short, or dual handles for larger sizes), and potentially a spouted lip for easier pouring.

3. Casseroles:

With casseroles, you might select size, depth, lid design, and handle types. For certain dishes, a domed lid can be beneficial, as it provides extra room for larger items or bubbling sauces.

4. Fry Pans and Skillets:

Choose the diameter and depth, type of handle (one long handle or two shorter “helper” handles), and whether or not it includes a lid. A non-stick surface is often an option for frying pans.

5. Woks:

Woks can be customized based on size, handle design (two small handles or one long handle and a helper handle), and whether or not they include a lid. You might also decide between a round or flat bottom, depending on your stove type.

6. Roasters:

Roasters’ size and depth are vital, plus the design of the rack inside. Some people prefer a V-shaped rack that holds the meat in place, while others want a flat rack that allows the meat to sit in its juices.

7. Steamers:

Steamers can be set up to fit perfectly with your existing pots or designed as standalone items. Customizations can be made to the size, handle type, and how tightly the mesh is woven.

8. Stockpots:

With stockpots, consider size and depth, lid type, and handle design. Some larger pots come with a spigot for easy draining, which can be included in the design.

9. Pressure Cookers:

Custom pressure cookers might include options for size, handle design, pressure release design, and potentially a custom insert for separating food inside the cooker.

Please remember that the available customizations can vary a lot depending on the manufacturer and the specific product line, so always check directly with the source to get an exact idea of what’s possible for each piece of cookware.

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