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How are logos printed on cookware?

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Commonly used methods for printing logos in technology include the following:
1. Laser engraving is suitable for products with large thickness and does not have high requirements on color.
2. Screen printing, suitable for simple printing process requirements such as single color and two colors.
3. Thermal transfer printing is suitable for printing products with larger volumes and uneven surfaces.
4. UV inkjet printing, products suitable for color printing and 3D relief printing needs.
5. Decal printing is usually suitable for flat or curved surfaces, such as plastic, glass, ceramics, paper, etc.
6. Pad printing is suitable for various plastic products and various metal products. Pad printing technology can make the pattern fuller and more vivid.
Laser engraving is a common printing method for cookware. Laser-engraved logos have the characteristics of indelibility, fast engraving speed, zero consumables, low cost, environmental protection, and simple operation. It only takes 1-5 seconds to engrave a LOGO on cookware, which greatly improves production efficiency.

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