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How much does a three-layer steamer cost and how to choose one?

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How much does a three-layer steamer cost and how to choose one

The three-layer steamer has two steaming drawers. The bottom of the pot can be used to cook soup, and the steaming drawer can be used to steam steamed buns, sweet potatoes, steamed buns and other foods. Using a three-layer steamer can steam many delicacies at one time, saving a lot of trouble in preparing food. One pot can be used for multiple purposes, it is simple and time-saving, and it is convenient for housewives to prepare various delicacies.

1. How to choose a useful three-layer steamer?

1. Choose good materials: When buying a three-layer steamer, you must choose qualified materials. A high-quality steamer is made of stainless steel, the steaming grid is also high-quality stainless steel, and the lid is made of transparent glass, which is not easy to break and makes it easy to observe the inside of the pot. When food changes, the entire steamer is safe, odor-free, and easy to clean.

2. Choose a three-layer steamer with an external water injection port: If you steam food for a long time, there is a risk of the pot drying out, so try to choose a steaming cabinet that can observe the water level. The water level observation window is designed to facilitate observation at any time whether there will be dryness without water. Pot problem. In addition, some are also designed with external water injection ports. If there is a danger of the pot drying out, water can be replenished in time to prevent the water from evaporating.

3. Choose the appropriate capacity: Steamers have different capacities, such as 3L, 7L, 9L, 10L, etc. The larger the capacity, the more food can be steamed and the larger the size of the food that can be loaded. Consumers can choose according to their family size. If the family size is large, more food needs to be steamed, so be sure to choose a large-capacity steamer. On the contrary, if the family size is small, you can choose a three-layer steamer with a smaller capacity. steamer.

4. Choose a three-layer steamer equipped with a juice collecting tray and a steaming grid handle: Sometimes when using a steamer to steam meat and seafood, the steamed soup may accumulate in the water, causing the soup to become liquefied. Waste, with the juice collecting tray, the juice of the items will be collected in a fixed position, without causing any waste of soup. In addition, there are some useful three-layer steamers designed with steaming grid handles, which can be taken out at any time when the plate is hot, and it is also convenient to move the food while it is steaming.

How much does a two- or three-layer steamer cost?

The price of a three-layer steamer is mainly related to the diameter of the pot and the thickness of the steamer. The larger the diameter of the steamer, the more food can be steamed. The greater the thickness, the higher the cost of the product. The price The more expensive it is, with the general price being around $20-$50.

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