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How to deal with blackening of stainless steel pots

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After the stainless steel pot is burned, some burnt food will adhere to the pot and make the inner pot black. The outside of the stainless steel pot will turn black after being used for a long time, but the inside will still be clean and does not affect its use, but it will affect its appearance. What are the solutions for the blackening of the above stainless steel pots? This article summarizes the methods for dealing with these blackenings.
Methods for treating blackened stainless steel pots include:
Water Soaking Method: Soak the pot with a sticky bottom in water to soften the burnt residue and then remove it easily.

Shanlihong method: Put a few Shanlihong into a pot, add cold water, and the scorch will be easily removed after boiling.

How to use ingredients:

Tomato method: put a few tomatoes in the pot, the burnt will naturally fall off after boiling.
Beer and liquor method: Mix liquor, beer and water, pour it into a pot, and let it sit for a while for easy cleaning.
Vinegar and soda method: Mix soda and boiling water to make a paste, apply it to the bottom of the pot, wait and then wipe clean.

Vegetable ash method: Use vegetable ash and steel balls to wipe the bottom of the pot. The vegetable ash helps remove black stains.

Sodium hydroxide aqueous solution method: Soak in a high-concentration sodium hydroxide aqueous solution (for example, 100 grams of water, 50 grams of sodium hydroxide. Because it is highly corrosive, you must wear acid- and alkali-resistant gloves and cannot be used to clean aluminum products), and then use steel wire Ball scrape. If you can find “sodium percarbonate or sodium perborate”, you can pour boiling water directly, then add perboron or percarbon, soak it until the water temperature is high, and then pour it away. The former of the above two methods is to remove burnt grease, and the latter is to remove the yellowed color.

To remove scorch from a pan, add water to the pot, boil it, add a small amount of detergent, leave it overnight, and then scrub it to remove it. After scrubbing it clean, apply a layer of oil.

Stainless steel fry pan are easily stained with black dirt and are difficult to clean. Now you only need to add water to the larger pot at home, add some pineapple peels, then put all the smaller pots in, boil for 20 minutes, take them out when cold, and Bright as new!

If metal utensils are rusty, wash them with salt and some lemon juice, which can quickly remove the rust and make the utensils shiny.

Other tips:
Never use hard objects such as steel wool to scrub to avoid damaging the stainless steel pot.
Apply toothpaste and wipe with a damp cloth, it’s laborious but economical.
Use high-concentration sodium hydroxide aqueous solutions with caution and wear acid- and alkali-resistant gloves.
Use anti-mosquito dust, scouring pads or steel balls to polish the stainless steel surface.

Cleaning precautions:
Avoid using hard objects to scrub and choose warm water for cleaning.
Rubbing with large crystal scouring powder and salt is not recommended.
After cleaning, add a layer of oil to the surface of the pot to protect the stainless steel.

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