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How to distinguish between genuine and fake stainless steel pots

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The following methods can be used to distinguish the authenticity of stainless steel pots:

Check the nickel content: Stainless steel pots contain nickel, and the higher the content, the better the quality. Products from regular manufacturers are usually marked with the codes of the metal elements they contain, such as 130 and 188. Among them, the first number indicates the percentage of chromium, and the following number indicates the percentage of nickel. If there is no code printed on the pot, it may mean that it does not contain nickel and is a stainless steel product.

Check out the brand: Well-known brands usually have more mature production technology and stricter quality control. Choosing products from well-known brands can increase purchase confidence because these brands pay more attention to product quality and reliability.

Obtain data: When purchasing stainless steel pots, you can ask the sales staff for data on the product’s rust resistance, wear resistance, etc., and compare them. This helps to better understand the performance and quality of the product.

Consider word-of-mouth: Compare the sales of different brands in the market, and ask friends around you about the brands they have used and their experience with them. Word-of-mouth often reflects a product’s actual performance and user satisfaction.

Attention to details: High-quality products are usually more particular about material selection and craftsmanship details. Check whether the pot’s design is user-friendly and has high-quality manufacturing processes. These considerations can help determine the quality level of the product.

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