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How to maintain stainless steel steamer?

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The stainless steel steamer is a good helper for people to cook food. It can cook noodles, boil water or other foods and is easy to use. However, it is recommended not to use the stainless steel steamer directly when using it for the first time, because the surface of the stainless steel steamer will be coated with a little industrial oil during the manufacturing process, so it must be cleaned first. The editor of the stainless steel kitchenware manufacturer below will share how to maintain the stainless steel steamer.
1. Stainless steel steamers are resistant to high temperatures, acids, and alkali, but it is recommended not to be dried for a long time to avoid affecting the service life of the pot.
2. Clean the parts that do not usually come into contact with food, such as the handle base and the outer surface of the pot, etc. frequently to avoid dirt.
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3. Clean the pot after each use, dry the pot after washing, and keep the pot clean.
4. The pot itself will not turn yellow or black, but if it is heated too high or there are oil stains or seasonings stuck to the outer wall of the pot, it may turn yellow or black when heated. Please use detergent to clean it in time.
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