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How to remove yellowed stains on stainless steel pots?

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The stainless steel pots in our kitchen are used every day. After a period of time, there will be yellowed stains and black stains that adhere to the surface. Such yellowed stains are so difficult to remove that even using a wire brush cannot make it. The Changwen Cookware company hereby shares a little tip with you. With these ordinary items in every family, you can easily wipe them off.

These little things are white vinegar and salt. First prepare a small water sprayer, and pour a little white vinegar in it. Spray a layer onto the surface of the stainless steel pot with yellowed stains, sprinkle the salt evenly on the yellowed stains, cover this part with a piece of tissue and spray another layer of white vinegar. After that, leave it for 10 to 20 minutes. If the yellowed stains have remained on the surface for long time, you can spray the white vinegar for several more times during waiting and prolong the standing time to improve the effect. When the time is up, take off the tissue, and we can see that the yellowed stains on the surface have dissolved. We just need to use a scouring pad to wipe with the rough side. The stubborn yellowed stains can be wiped off.

In addition to being easily dirty on the outside of the surface, the stainless steel pot will also have yellowed stains on the inside. We have another method to wipe them off too. Take an egg shell, crush it, and wipe with a sponge brush, along with the egg shell, on the part of the surface with yellowed stains. The cannot-be- removed yellowed stains are now removed.

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