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How to use the stainless steel pot and make it more useful?

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Good stainless steel kitchen utensils can effectively reduce oil fume, no coating, physical non-stick, good temperature storage effect, and energy saving and time saving…etc. But if you use it incorrectly, there will be a lot of problems! For example, sticky pan, yellowing and blackening, white spots and rainbow spots. Many stainless steel pots that were supposed to be “kitchen facades” fell out of favor because they couldn’t handle it! The following Changwen Cookware I will tell you here how to use stainless steel pots.

We all know that salt can accelerate the rusting of metal, so a small part of stainless steel pots will become instable and unusable, which may be caused by salt. Therefore, the timing of adding salt is very important. If the stainless steel pot is in contact with salt for too long, it may cause damage to the pot. Accelerates the aging of the pan, so it needs to be kept dry.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to:

(1) Clean in time after cooking

(2) Try to avoid storing a lot of salt in cold water in a cold pot

(3) Also avoid using wok to marinate ingredients

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