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Maintaining or damaging a wok? Tips for several more years of use!

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The wok is suitable for stir-frying with quick heat conductivity and light weight. But if used improperly, it is easy to get food sticked to itself and get rust. How to clean the food stick, you can check how to clean the wok. The right ways to maintain the wok before first use can make it more handy, non-stick and rust-proof.

Here is the tutorial of how to do it:

1.Pour the detergent to the wok, and use a wet sponge with its rough side to scrub inside and outside. After drying the waterdrops, heat up the wok on the gas cooker with a big fire and spin it for several rounds to heat the edge evenly too.

2.Pour a little vegetable oil,use a kitchen paper to wipe and cover the wok with a thin layer of oil, and then heat up on a low fire for a few minutes.

3.Wipe the wok with a kitchen paper, and use another one to wipe with oil. Please be noted that you must use a small fire when doing this, because long-time heating up on an empty wok on a big fire will make the wok out of shape. (P.S. If the oil is seriously smoking, just turn off the fire, wait a few minutes to cool down, and refire it.) After 3 to 5 times, the process is complete.

To prevent the wok from getting rust by moisture, it’s important to heat it up on a small fire until it gets dry inside after you clean the wok. Don’t stew! Hot water is a “deadly weapon” to oil. Stewing will remove the “oil film” that has been formed and make the wok sticky again. Using a non-stick wok for cooking can avoid stickiness and make it more convenient to clean.

However, in daily use, we also need to pay attention to the prevention from abrasion and damage. Otherwise, the coating will be damaged and the non-stickiness will be weakened. It’s not a problem to use a good non-stick wok for 2 more years. When cooking, it is better to use a wooden spatula or a high-temperature resistant plastic spatula, and to avoid sharp spatulas. After use, do not clean with cold water; there will be stains and a lot of high-temperature water mist. You should wait it till it cools down, and then clean with warm water, detergent and a soft cleaning cloth. Do not cook emptyly or try to boil water, both of which will damage the coating.

Different pots have different maintenance methods. Just a few simple steps can make your cookware last for a few more years. Don’t forget to collect the above maintenance methods for the cookware!

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