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Maintenance Tips of Stainless Steel Frying Pans

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1.The newly purchased stainless steel frying pans can not be used immediately.It needs to be cleaned first. You can pour in an appropriate amount of water with some white vinegar and heat it up. When the water is hot enough, scrub the stainless steel frying pan with a soft brush fully, and rinse it with hot water in the end. Usually after the use of the stainless steel frying pan, try to clean it with warm water. Cleaning with baking soda can effectively reduce and remove.

2.When we are cooking with a stainless steel frying pan, the flame should not exceed the bottom of the pan, otherwise it will easily get the pan darkened; Besides, do not cook with nothing inside the stainless steel frying pan for a long time, because it will easily lead to damages to the pan.

3.We may keep the food warm in the frying pan, but try not to do it in a stainless steel one, because stainless steel is of poor thermal insulation. Moreover, it cannot store acidic and alkaline food for a long time.

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