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No more bad stainless steel pots! How to identify a good stainless steel pot?

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If there are copper, aluminum and stainless steel pots in front of you, and you can only choose one type of pot, I would suggest you choose stainless steel pot. Compared with the other two types of pots, stainless steel pots have many advantages: durable, easy to clean, sanitary and clean, and can cook any food.

Material of stainless steel

If we simply think that stainless steel pots are made of stainless steel, we can only say that this understanding is not comprehensive enough. There are also differences between different stainless steels. At present, the stainless steel used in stainless steel pots usually includes the following types: 201,304,316,430. The difference between them is mainly caused by the different contents of manganese, chromium and other metals. Using inferior stainless steel pan for cooking will have a strange taste. On the contrary, using 304 and other high-quality stainless steel pots will not produce strange smell, and it is safe and durable.

Layers of stainless steel pot

Pure stainless steel often adds other metals to enhance its thermal conductivity because of its poor thermal conductivity. Generally speaking, people usually add a layer of aluminum to the stainless steel pot, which makes the common stainless steel pot has three layers. Under this combination, the stainless steel pot is heated evenly and has good heat conduction.

In order to pursue higher performance, some stainless steel pots will increase the number of layers to 5 or even 7. The increase in the number of layers means that more metals can be added, such as the 5-layer interlayer of 2 aluminum and 1 copper.

Pot handle and its joint

There are two common stainless steel handles: one is plastic, the other is stainless steel. The advantage of the plastic handle is that it is not easy to be hot, but when the pot is heated, the high-temperature fire may melt the plastic, produce toxic gases and harm the human body. Stainless steel handle will not have such a problem. It will also be easier to clean than the plastic handle. Most importantly, it can be put into the oven.

There are generally three types of connection for the pot handle: rivet connection, welding and screw connection. The screw connection is easy to cause the loosening of the pot handle and bring potential safety hazards. Therefore, it is not recommended that consumers buy stainless steel with screw connection. The quality of the pot handle connected by rivets and welded will be better. The first is rivet connection, which is not easy to loosen and has high reliability. The second is welding, which is more commonly used in commercial kitchens and is more convenient to clean.

When choosing the lid, we should still choose the lid without plastic. The reason is similar. The lid without plastic is more hygienic and safe.


When we buy stainless steel pots, we should buy a pot body with at least three layers and aluminum interlayer. Neither the pot handle nor the pot cover should contain plastic. Screw connection should also be avoided at the joint of the pot handle.

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