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Non-Stick Tips for Cooking with Stainless Steel Frying Pans

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In daily life, everyone needs a non-stick frying pan, which can not only fully reflect their cooking skills, but also solve the trouble of cleaning after use. But the non-stick coating of the frying pans in the market are mostly Teflon. This chemical coating will gradually peel off during use. Therefore, many families now choose relatively high-end stainless steel pots to reduce the damage of cooking utensils. However, stainless steel frying pans are not completely non-stick. Qualified manufacturers in Jiangmen City can reach physical non-stickiness, so how to make the stainless steel frying pans non-stick? CHANGWEN COOKWARE hereby shares some useful tips for your reference.

First of all, pour some white vinegar / edible white vinegar in the stainless steel frying pan (vinegar essence would be better). Keep heating up the frying pan until the vinegar is nearly tumbling and then turn off the fire. Use a steel brush with a handle to clean the entire inner wall directly, which can remove the oil and impurities on the surface of the stainless steel. After brushing, pour out the white vinegar and rinse the frying pan with water.

Secondly, heat up the frying pan with big fire until all the water droplets have evaporated, then continue to heat it to make the frying pan very hot (you can put a little water on your hand and drop it into the pot for a test – if the water droplets roll directly on the surface of the frying pan, the pan is hot enough).

Thirdly, turn the big fire to medium and low, and pour in oil at the same time, and then keep shaking the frying pan for a while to ensure that the inside of the pan is fully covered with oil, and let the oil stay in the pan for two to three minutes. This process requires the stainless steel surface to absorb the oil to become non-stick. The pork fat and ointment would be better; keep wiping slowly the surface of the frying pan for half an hour. After this process it will be shiny.

Fourthly, when you fry something, first turn on the medium and low fire, and then pour in cool oil and keep heating up for about two minutes. Don’t forget to shake the frying pan to make the oil evenly adhered to the inner surface. After that turn the fire based on you need, and show time!

Changwen Industrial Ltd. produces medium and high quality stainless steel frying pans with selected premium non-stick coating to prevent stickiness for beginners and professionals. Our high-quality stainless steel frying pans are exported and well appreciated by customers all around the world.

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