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Stainless steel pot is because the steel contains a certain amount of chromium alloy elements, which can form a solid oxide film (passivation film) on the surface of the steel that is insoluble in certain media, so that the metal is isolated from the external medium without chemical action occurs. Stainless steel not only has strong chemical stability, but also has sufficient strength and plasticity, and has stable mechanical properties at a certain high temperature or low temperature. It has excellent corrosion resistance during use. Established in one of the most famous stainless steel production bases in Guangdong Province, China, in 2002, Changwen Industrial Ltd. has developed into a professional manufacturer specializing in medium and high quality stainless steel cookwares with 20-year experience. Stainless steel cookware wholesale customization, undertake OEM & ODM orders. Contact us now!

Pots wholesale stainless steel 6pcs rice cooker cookware short pot gold cooking shallow pots with golden handles and blue glass lids CW52002-6

Product Character:

28*12cm low casserole with lid
30*13cm low casserole with lid
32*14cm low casserole with lid

Product Name Stainless steel cookware set
Model No. CW52002-6
Material Stainless steel
Lid Glass lid
Handle s/s gold plated hollow handle and knob with rivets
Bottom Induction available
Thickness 0.5mm
OEM&ODM Highly welcome to OEM & ODM
Used for Suitable for all cooking sources ( stove & cooktops ):
electric/ gas/ infrared/ induction stoves/ glass or ceramic cooktops
Be applicable Dishwasher-safe/ Oven-safe to 550 degrees Fahrenheit/
Freezer-safe for food storage/ Lifetime limited warranty.
description 6pcs stainless steel cookware set Straight body shape, rolled & stepped edge; mirror polishing inside & outside; s/s gold plated hollow handle and knob with rivets, 4.0mm C type blue glass lid, S/S , 0.5mm body thickness; 0.5mm alu+2.5mmiron+0.5mm alu.capsule bottom, 0.4mm 403 bottom with 7steps for emboss mark. pot inside with capacity

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