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A type of cookware consisting of inserts or layers with perforations in the bottom, that are assembled together and used to cook food with the use of steam. The steamer is made to position foods above, not in, water that is boiling or hot enough to produce steam to cook foods with a moist hot air. Steaming enables foods to keep their natural flavor, color, shape, and nutritious value better than when boiled or simmered in water. It is also a method that often enhances the texture of the food being steamed. Food technicians often consider steaming to be the best way to preserve flavonoids, the compounds found in fruits, vegetables and a few beverages (beer, wine, coffee, tea, and some fruit drinks) that may contribute and provide health benefits for fighting illnesses. Steamed foods can retain the B and C vitamins that are lost with other cooking methods such as braising, baking or boiling.

Established in one of the most famous stainless steel production bases in Guangdong Province, China, in 2002, Changwen Industrial Ltd. has developed into a professional manufacturer specializing in medium and high quality stainless steel cookwares with 20-year experience.

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