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The Correct Ways to Use Stainless Steel Pots and Its Precautions

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For a pot, whether its quality is good or not will effect what you cook. And how to use a pot is also important, which determines how long the pot can be used. Today, the Changwen Company introduces you the right ways of using stainless steel pots and some precautions need to be paid attention when in use.


Firstly, tear off the labels. Some labels are tightly attached, and hard to get torn off. You could drop a little Medicated Balm and wait until the labels are fully soaked, and then easily tear them off. Secondly, use a piece of wet cloth with detergent to wipe the inside and outside. Thirdly, rinse the pot, pour boiled water and a little white vinegar into the pot, and then spin it to cover every part of the inside.


1.The flame should not exceed the bottom of the pot.

Unlike the iron pot, the flame cannot be higher than the bottom of the stainless steel pot when in use, which will make the body turn yellow or dark.

Also, do not leave the empty pot on the fire.

2.Do not clean stainless steel pots with steel brushes.

It is not recommended to clean with a steel brush, nor to rub with large crystals like decontamination powder and salt, especially for the highly polished stainless steel pots. Once you do that, you will find that the pot is clean, but the polished surface is completely destroyed.

3.Do not store cold dishes in stainless steel pots for a long time.

Most cold dishes contain vinegar, salt, etc. They must not be stored in metal containers over the day. They should be stored in a porcelain bowl to prevent toxic substances of metal from penetrating into food.

Stainless steel pots contain chromium and nickel. These two elements can withstand high temperatures below 400°C without being corroded in a non-acid or non-alkali environment. However, if they are in contact with acid and alkali foods for a long time, they will react chemically. That’s the reason why not advised to store salt, soy sauce, vegetable soup for a long time.

The above is the introduction of the correct ways to use stainless steel pots and its procautions. There are more detailed precautions for the use of stainless steel cookware. We hope it can help everyone.

Changwen hope to provide our customers with high-quality products at competitive price with punctual delivery. We are confident that we will be your most reliable stainless steel cookware and frying pan supplier and manufacturer at present and in the future.

For more about The Correct Ways to Use Stainless Steel Pots and Its Precautions, you can pay a visit to CHANGWEN COOKWAE China at for more info.

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