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What are the materials of kitchen utensils and cookware?

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What are the popular cooking materials on the market now, and what are the characteristics of various materials. This article introduces some common kitchenware and pot materials, their characteristics and precautions.

1. Stainless steel pot
Features: Stainless steel pots that meet food grade 304 requirements are the mainstream choice, with stable performance and healthy cooking methods.
Note: Some manufacturers use 316 stainless steel, which is more stable and has higher corrosion resistance.
2. Iron pot
Features: Native iron pots are a relatively safe choice and suitable for home use.
Note: Choose virgin iron pots that do not contain other chemicals to avoid water accumulation that may cause rust.
3. Non-stick pan
Features: Non-stick pans that meet national standards can be used at medium and low temperatures without any problem.
Precautions: When dry-baked or fried, the coating may be damaged and toxic substances may be released.
4. Casserole
Features: Suitable for making soup and preserving the original taste of food.
Note: Make sure to buy a real casserole to prevent health effects.
5. Ceramic pot
Features: Regular brand products are generally safe.
Note: Avoid containing acidic food to prevent the health effects of lead contained in inferior porcelain.
6. Aluminum pot
Features: Lightweight, fast heating conduction.
Note: High temperature or collision or friction between a metal spatula and an aluminum pot may release aluminum components, which may affect human health if consumed for a long time.
Choosing the right kitchenware material requires a comprehensive consideration based on personal preference, cooking needs and health considerations. When purchasing, choose regular brands to ensure compliance with national safety standards to ensure a healthy cooking environment.

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