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What is the difference between cheap and expensive stainless steel cookware?

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Some stainless steel cookware on the market are very cheap. Think about it, the appearance of such a cheap stainless steel pot is no different from the expensive one. So today we will take a look at whether there is really no difference between a cheap stainless steel pot and an expensive stainless steel pot. ? Let’s take a look at the specific differences.

Material differences: There are many types of stainless steel, and cheaper stainless steel pots may contain more impurities that can have adverse effects on the body. In contrast, higher-priced stainless steel pots usually have fewer impurities and are more in line with national standards.

Thickness issue: Cheap stainless steel pots tend to be thinner, while expensive pots meet national standards for thickness. The difference in thickness will cause the pot to be more susceptible to damage during use, manifesting as pits.

Gloss and Rust Resistance: Cheaper stainless steel pots tend to lose their luster and are more likely to rust, while more expensive ones retain their shine and have better rust resistance.

Quality and durability: Higher-priced stainless steel pots are generally more reliable when it comes to quality and durability. Inexpensive pots may show significant wear after a period of use, while expensive pots may stay in like-new condition for a long time.

When it comes to purchasing daily necessities, you are actually very particular. In addition to stainless steel pots, there are also a lot of 304 steel that you need to pay attention to. Although some thermos cups are said to be stainless steel, they are not made of 304 steel, which is also very bad for the body. , everyone must read the mark clearly when purchasing.

When purchasing daily necessities, especially stainless steel products, there are many considerations, and consumers need to accumulate experience to ensure that they choose the right products.

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