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What should we know when using a stainless steel wok?

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Today, the editor of Changwen Cookware will share with you some issues that should be paid attention to when using stainless steel iron wok.

1.Do not cook traditional Chinese medicine in an iron pot, because traditional Chinese medicine contains a large amount of alkaloids, and the reaction with the iron pot under high temperature conditions will lose its medicinal properties, and may even produce toxic substances.

2.Do not cook mung beans in an iron pot, the soup of mung beans will turn black. Because mung bean contains a substance called tannin, it will react with the iron pot during the heating process to generate a harmful substance with a special odor.

3.When frying vegetables and brushing the pot, avoid inhaling the generated mist, because there are fine suspended particles in the mist, which is not good for health. Use as little detergent as possible when brushing the pot. If there is slight rust in the pot, you can use vinegar to clean it.

4.Don’t use the iron pot to serve the vegetables overnight, because the iron pot will dissolve the iron under acidic conditions and destroy the vitamin C in the vegetables.

5.For iron pots that are seriously rusted, black slag, and black skin, they should not be used again.

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