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What to do if the food sticks to the stainless steel frying pan when cooking?

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In daily life, when making the purchase of a frying pan, we all need a non-stick one, with which we can not only fully perform our cooking skills, but also get rid of the trouble of cleaning after use. However, the coating of most non-stick frying pans in the market is Teflon. This chemical coating will peel off during long-time use. Here’s a question – how can the stainless steel frying pan that you buy not stick? The Changwen Cookware company hereby shares the experience for your reference.

Firstly, pour some white vinegar in the stainless steel frying pan first, that is, edible white vinegar. Continue to heat up until being nearly boiled and turn off the cooker. Then use a brush to scrub the entire inner surface of the frying pan with the hot vinegar, which can remove the greasy dirts and impurities. After that, pour out the white vinegar and rinse the frying pan with water.

Secondly, heat the pot with big fire until all water droplets evaporate, and then continue to heat the frying pan until it is very hot. A small tip: you can drop a little water into the frying pan for a test. If the water droplets roll directly on the surface, the frying pan is hot enough now.

Thirdly, adjust the big fire to medium and low fire at this moment, pour in the oil, and then keep tilting and shaking the frying pan to fill every inch of the surface with oil. Keep the oil inside for two to three minutes. This process is to make the pores on the surface of the stainless steel frying pan absorb the oil to reach the target of non-stickiness.

In this step, if you buy a piece of pork skin with full fat and ointment, the non-stick effect will even be better. Use it to slowly wipe the surface of the frying pan – the lard will seep out and get absorbed by the surface. The whole process should last for half an hour, and then the surface of the stainless steel frying pan will be bright and shiny.

After these processes, when you try to stir or fry, you should first turn on the cooker by medium and low fire, pour some oil and keep the fire to heat up for about two minutes, shake the frying pan for some times to make the oil evenly adhere to the surface, and then adjust the medium and low fire to the intensity you need for cooking. It’s time for your show!

Located in one of the most famous stainless steel production bases, Xinhui, Guangdong Province, the Changwen Cookware company has developed into a 20-year professional manufacturer specializing in medium and high quality stainless steel pots and stainelss steel frying pans with non-stick coating since 2002.

Our objective is to provide our customers with high-quality products at competitive price with punctual delivery. We are confident that we will be your most reliable stainless steel cookware and frying pan supplier and manufacturer at present and in the future.

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