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Which Aspects Should Be Paid Attention to When Using Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment?

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Though stainless steel kitchen equipment is not easy to rust, it is not allowed to stay with seasonings such as edible salt, vinegar, and soy sauce for a long time, because these seasonings contain a lot of electrolytes. If they are stored for a long time, the materials in stainless steel will cause the galvanic reaction because of the electrolytes, making stainless steel rust, and even separate out the elements that are harmful to human health.

Here are four main aspects that should be paid attention to when using stainless steel kitchen equipment:

1.Do not heat anempty pot. Compared with iron products, this type of kitchen utensils has low thermal conductivity, and will take a long time to heat. If to heat the empty pot, the substances on its surface will fall off and degrade.

2.Do not use harsh chemical solvents for cleaning. Because such strong acids or strong bases irritating chemical solvents allhave electrolytes, they are very easy to chemically react with the product.

3.Do not use to boil herbs. Sinceherbs contain many organic ingredients, it is impossible to prevent them to react in the process of heating, which will lose the original effects of the herbs. In some serious cases, it will produce a lot of toxins.

4.Do not buy poor-quality kitchen equipment. The metalsinside the poor quality stainless steel kitchen equipment may do harm to human health. You need to carefully watch the main parameters on the instruction manual before purchasing.

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