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Why should glass pot lids be edged – A guide for cookware manufacturers

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The design of the edge of the glass pot lid usually has several purposes:

Increased strength: The edge wrapping of the glass pot lid can increase the strength of the overall structure and reduce the risk of cracking due to external impact or temperature changes during use. This helps improve the durability of the glass pot lid.

Prevent wear and tear: The edging design can slow down wear and tear on the edge parts, especially during storage and cleaning. This helps extend the life of your glass pot lid, making it more durable.

Provides a better seal: Binding can increase the seal to the pot or pan, preventing excessive loss of steam or liquid during the cooking process. This helps keep food moist and nutritious.

Beautiful design: Some manufacturers consider aesthetic factors in their designs, believing that edging can make glass pot lids look more refined and textured.

The main purpose of wrapping is to protect glass products, prevent people from being injured and prevent glass from bursting. Reasonable design considerations due to the fragility of glass and some safety issues in use.

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