We are a cookware manufacturers in China, 20-year professional manufacturing experience in stainless steel cookware sets, cutlery and whistling kettles we will continue to improve our production.

CHANGWEN Manufacturer

Established in one of the most famous stainless steel production bases in Guangdong Province, China, in 2002, Changwen Industrial Ltd. has developed into a professional manufacturer specializing in medium and high quality stainless steel cookwares with 20-year experience.

Our modern factory covers an area of12,056 square meters and we have introduced world-leading automated production lines. Compared with traditional hand-making, the automation ensures production at 3-times and higher speed strictly in accordance with our high QC policies to be internationally recognized by BSCI, FDA, LFGB, etc. Giving the credit to the more advanced technology, we are able to produce 700,000 pieces of cookware and 1,300,000 pieces of cutlery items monthly and export to countries and regions all around the world with our experienced export team.

changwen factory


Four biggest advantages make us what we are today

Independent production of accessories

Production lines of various accessories are especially set up in our factory, which enables us to self-suffice and not to wait for the supplies from other accessory factories, to coordinate with production process far more easily.

Autonomous pattern designs

From the idea sparking to the implementation, we have a talented design team to turn thoughts into reality by their magical hands and computer applications. Many of the designs enjoy a great popularity in different markets.

Self-developed moulds

Self-developed moulds

To accommodate diverse preferences in different countries and regions, our professional engineers design and test new moulds weekly for all components so as to compete against changing market challenges.

In-house printing center for packagings

In-house printing center for packagings

Our in-shouse printing center takes the last step of the production inside the factory. You can find in here basically all packing materials and processing modes you can ever see in the markets to complete the process.

shorter lead time

All these to-be-proud-of elements lead to shorter lead time, a more complete QC system and more confidential privacy protection of patents and logos.

No matter for cutting, stretching, shape and edge forming, or both impact bonding & brazing,, polishing, assembling, or for cleaning and packing, we are able to furnish worldwide importers, distributors and retail chains with our customized ONE-STOP SERVICE, which covers every step from the start to the end of the whole process.

Our objective is to provide our customers with high-quality products at competitive price with punctual delivery. We are confident that we will be your trustworthy and long-term strategic partner at present and in the future.

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