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How to choose a stainless steel steamer pot?

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Today, the editor of Changwen Cookware will tell you that In the previous article, the editor has taught you how to choose a stainless steel pot, but choosing a stainless steel steamer is similar.

1.Steel, magnetic and non-magnetic, the magnetic one is generally 201 steel, which is easy to rust after being bumped or long-term alkaline corrosion, resulting in holes, and the price is relatively cheap. Now the market is basically non-magnetic, 304 pure stainless steel, no rust, no deformation, according to the thickness, the price is also high or low. The steamer of good purity, the steel has no stains, and the polishing is uniform. Steamers with insufficient purity generally appear to have inconsistent steel surface brightness, unevenness, small pits or bulging places, which are prone to trachoma over time. A steamer with poor steel will make a humming sound when placed on the induction cooker. Therefore, stainless steel kitchenware manufacturers generally choose to use good stainless steel.

2.The bottom of the pot. Most non-magnetic steamers have an additional bottom, which is called a double bottom. There is a magnetic conductive sheet in the double bottom. The non-magnetic pot itself cannot be used directly on the induction cooker. It can be used with a double bottom. The double bottom has the effect of preventing the deformation of the pot body. A good pot has a three-layer composite bottom, sandwiching two layers of magnetic conductive sheets, while some pots have only one layer of simple magnetic steel, which seems to be quite large, the magnetic conductivity is not good, and the life of the induction cooker is affected.

3.The lid, the better steamers are basically combined lids (with a glass in the middle). In order to save costs, most of the magnetic steamers have steel lids, which cannot be seen inside and need to be opened frequently to see the food. There is also a glass lid that is flat, which reduces the capacity of the pot and will shatter when dropped. Combination covers are very suitable.

4.The handle, a good handle is all-inclusive, very firm, and will not loosen under the condition of heat, while some handles are directly inserted, which are easy to loosen or even fall off, which will be very dangerous.

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