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Opening a cookware store in Mexico, how to purchase goods

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Opening a cookware store in Mexico requires careful planning, including finding the right suppliers for stocking your inventory. To purchase the goods, follow these steps:

1. Create a business plan

Develop a comprehensive business plan outlining the cookware, appliances, and kitchen items you intend to stock at your store. Make sure to have a clear understanding of your target market, pricing strategies, and marketing methods.

2. Identify suppliers

Find reliable suppliers, distributors, or manufacturers who produce the goods you want to sell in bulk. To source internationally, consider platforms such as:

To source from local Mexican vendors:

  • Investigate popular domestic brands and approach them for wholesale deals
  • Attend cookware and kitchenware trade shows in Mexico
  • Utilize online business directories and databases like SoloStocks México and Kompass to locate local suppliers

3. Request samples

Order samples to evaluate product quality, packaging, and shipping times before placing bulk orders. Analyze and compare products from multiple suppliers to make an informed decision.

4. Research import regulations and taxes

If sourcing goods from outside Mexico, familiarize yourself with relevant import regulations and taxes. These may include:

  • Import taxes (Impuesto General de Importación)
  • Value-added tax (Impuesto al Valor Agregado or IVA)
  • Customs requirements and documentation
  • Checking whether the product needs import permits or certifications as required by the Mexican government

5. Negotiate terms and freight options

Negotiate prices, discounts, payment terms, and return policies with your chosen supplier. Additionally, discuss bulk purchase requirements, delivery schedules, and freight options (by air or sea).

6. Place your orders

Place the bulk orders with your selected suppliers. Sign contracts and establish long-term relationships with vendors for future orders.

7. Establish inventory management

Implement an inventory management system to keep track of stock levels, order details, and customer data. An efficient system simplifies restocking and helps manage future purchases.

Remember, providing excellent customer service, maintaining a wide variety of high-quality products, and continually reviewing your inventory will be essential for the success of your cookware store in Mexico.

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