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How to choose backpacking cookware for outdoor hiking, mountain climbing, and camping – Cookware Manufacturer’s Guide

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When camping in the wild, using a cooker to cook food is a better choice. First, it is faster and more convenient than cooking food over a campfire. Second, it can be used in any environment. Third, it will not cause damage to the natural environment.

When choosing cookware, consider these factors carefully: weight, ability to be used at any altitude or temperature, easy availability of fuel, ease of operation, and reliable performance.

Cooking utensils should be selected according to the nature of your outdoor use.
Types of cooking utensils: Choose appropriate types of cooking utensils based on the nature of the activity, such as rice cookers, woks, frying pans, and barbecue grills.

Activity time: You can bring a variety of cooking utensils for a short picnic or self-driving trip. When camping for a long time and with a small number of people, you can consider simplifying it and use a metal lunch box or only bring a cooking pot.

Group size: When camping with a large number of people, it is best to bring a wok to better meet the cooking needs of a large number of people.

High Altitude Areas: If you are traveling to high altitude areas, consider bringing a pressure cooker because high altitudes lower the air pressure and lower the boiling point of water. Using a pressure cooker can cook food more efficiently.

Lightweight and Durability: For long-distance backpacking trips, a professional small cooker that is lightweight and durable may be more suitable. There are many options available at outdoor specialty stores.

Portability of Cookware: Consider the portability of your cookware, especially for extended outdoor activities. Bringing regular cooking utensils for home use is also an option.

It is best to choose outdoor cooking utensils that meet the following characteristics:

1. Under the same storage volume, the more functions the better. Because when camping outdoors, it is troublesome to carry supplies, and space in a backpack is at a premium. Perfect storage space and multi-function are the first choices.

2. Under the same volume, choose one with light weight as much as possible. It is also for convenience of portability. If you have a sufficient budget, you can choose titanium alloy tableware, and if you have high cost performance, you can choose aluminum cookware.

3. Cooking ability can mainly refer to three parts: fast cooking, good heat retention, and even heating.

4. Ease of use, generally refers to the set of pots, capable of meeting various cooking requirements

5. Durability. Generally, the coated ones are easy to damage. The durability of aluminum materials is worse than titanium materials and stainless steel materials.

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