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How to deal with rusty cast iron pot

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1. Grinding method. If the cast iron pan is rusty, you can directly polish it with sandpaper. If you are afraid of damaging the coating on the surface of the cast iron pan, you can add some cooking oil and heat it slightly before polishing it, so that the moisture level will be higher. Grinding the rusted parts of the cast iron pan with sandpaper is better for small areas of rust. If the rust is extensive, it is recommended to replace the pan with a new one.

2. Vinegar burning method: After heating the cast iron pot, turn off the heat and pour white vinegar into the pot. Cover the cast iron pot and soak it for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, uncover the pot and wipe the inside of the cast iron pot with a dish towel. Any rusty areas can be wiped off. If you don’t have white vinegar at home, you can use mature vinegar instead, but you need to soak it for five minutes longer.

3. For the lard method, you must first prepare fatty pork. Note that it must be meat with a lot of fat. After heating the cast iron pot, put the fat pork into the pot, slowly heat the fat pork over medium heat, wait for 1 to 2 minutes to boil out the lard, turn off the heat and let it cool for 1 to 3 hours, then use dishwashing liquid to clean the cast iron pot. Just wash it clean.

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