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How to find the most reliable stainless steel cookware and frying pan suppliers and manufacturers

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For the development of a business, it is vital to find a suitable supplier. The goodness of the supplier determines whether the product will be purchased by customers and whether the corporate brand can be trusted. This article will provide ways on how to find the most reliable stainless steel cookware and frying pan suppliers and manufacturers.

First, what is a supplier?

A supplier or factory is an individual or corporate that provides goods or services to another entity. A supplier in a business offers a manufacturer’s product to a retailer for resale at a discounted price. In essence, suppliers are business intermediaries who act between manufacturers and retailers to ensure smooth communication and adequate inventory.

Suppliers and manufacturers play a critical role in the product lifecycle, and companies need to source raw materials in order to speed up production and find better quality raw materials in a saturated market. Therefore, companies need to build strong relationships with suppliers and manufacturers in order to create better products and serve consumers well.

Second, what are the paths to find suitable suppliers?

1.Ask your peers

For general supplies, you can ask your peers, either in the same industry or in a different industry; after all, there is no competition. Let’s say for suppliers of packaging materials and transportation.

You can even ask for help from live chat softwares or websites, communities and other social media, the Internet is still quite powerful and easy to work, because it is easy to describe your requests, which are standard supplies or services. Even with the item number you can clearly describe the product specifications and sizes, etc.

2.Ask your friends and relatives around you

There is strength in numbers. Among the elements such as supply time, production cost, quality of goods, etc., which are involved with the suppliers or manufacturers, the main core is the association with consumers. Therefore, you can ask friends and relatives around you whether they can introduce you a good and reliable supplier or manufacturer for cooperation. To say the least, the more introductions from intermediaries, the more protections and assurances you can get.

3.Find competitors’ suppliers

There is an interesting saying in China, “sales peers are enemies, but purchasing peers are relatives”. Outcompeting everthing over successful competitors can be used as a reference for the development of your own businesses. Therefore, you can find competitors’ suppliers and manufacturers (better be the excellent ones), which can help you avoid detours and mistakes, and save a lot of verification cost. To collect the introduction of suppliers and manufacturers, for example, you can often learn about their main customers on their websites.

4.Invite tenders

Invitation for tenders is relatively fair and can also attract capable suppliers and manufacturers. Thus the corporates can ask different suppliers and manufacturers to send request proposals or quotations, in which the specifications, quantities, delivery dates and quality standards of the required products or services are recorded in details. Also, during the process, you can communicate with them on their processes and strategies to gain insight into the raw materials and procurement of the suppliers and manufacturers.

5.List relevant qualified suppliers on the Internet

With the rapid development of the Internet, any information is more transparent, so you can first screen out suppliers and manufacturers on the Internet who are related to your own industry, conduct detailed investigations on potential suppliers and manufacturers, and take a decentralized approach to make your candidate list, so that you will be able to select the most suitable one(s) from your effort.

Third, how to negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers skilfully?

1.Be creative in the negotiation

Negotiation is like psychology; you need to know how to understand the other’s thoughts. It’s not quite possible for you to let the suppliers or manufacturers offer you the quotation with a huge discount at the first time, but you can ask for discounts in bulk orders, or free shipping, or the warranty extension, etc. in order to improve your cash flow.

2.Consider giving all your business to one supplier

Suppliers and manufacturers like to cooperate with corporates with large orders. Similarly, corporates like to place package orders so that they can get bigger discounts and benefits from their suppliers or manufacturers. Therefore, transfer your business as much as possible to one supplier or manufacturer, and you will receive greater discounts and benefits in exchange.

Fourth, what are the infulential factors on the choice of suppliers and manufacturers?

Suppliers and manufacturers are part of the supply chain, an open system, so the choice of suppliers and manufacturers is affected by various factors like economy, politics and so on.


Quality is the root of the supply chain’s survival. The product value is based on the product quality, which determines the quality of the final consumer goods and affects the market competitive strengths and the market shares. Therefore, quality is the first and the most significant factor when choosing suppliers and manufacturers.


Low price means that corporates can reduce the cost of their production and operation, and improve their competitive advantages and increase profits. It plays such an important role that it is being a key factor in the selection of suppliers and manufacturers. But the lowest price does not really mean the most suitablity, but you also need to consider product quality, delivery time, shipping cost and many other factors.

3.Delivery punctuality

Whether the finished products can be shipped within agreed time and to the agreed location not only directly affects the continuity of production and supply chain of the corporate, but affects the inventory at all levels of the supply chain, which thereby affects the response speed of the corporate to the market, and further interrupts the production schedule of the suppliers and manufacturers as well as the sales plan of the distributors.

4.Variety flexibility

In order to survive and develop in the fierce competition, the products must be diversified to meet the needs of consumers and achieve the purpose of possessing the market and gaining profits. The diversification of products is based on the variety flexibility of suppliers and manufacturers – they determine the variety of consumer goods.

5.Other influencing factors

They include design capability, special process capability, overall service level and project management capability, etc.

Fifth, any principles for judging reliable suppliers and manufacturers?


The lowest price is not always the best value for money. Do not just pursue the most costly suppliers and manufacturers. You need to strike a balance between cost, reliability, quality and service.

2.Good service and easy communication

You need the suppliers and manufacturers to deliver goods on time, or to be honest with you. If they don’t, you should show enough warnings. The best suppliers and manufacturers will surely hope to talk to you regularly to find out what your needs are and how they can serve you better.

3.Financial security

It is always worthwhile to make sure your supplier has a strong cash flow to provide the products you want when needed. A credit check will help assure you that they will not cloase them when you need them most.

4.Knowing each other’s business and building firm cooperation

Firm cooperation will benefit both parties. It is necessary for you to make your suppliers and manufacturers aware of the importance of your business to them so that they will make every effort to provide the best possible service. Meanwhile, it is also necessary to create this response by showing them how important they are to your business.

Sixth, what should be paid attention to during the selection of suppliers and manufacturers?

1.Self-made and “outsourcing” procurement

In general, the higher the rate of outsourcing, the greater the chance of choosing suppliers and manufacturers. And the main object will be the professional suppliers and manufacturers that can share out the work and cooperate with one another. Through outsourcing, corporates can focus on their core competencies and avoid scattering their efforts.

2.Single and multiple suppliers and manufacturers

Single supplier or manufacturer refers to ordering some sorts of products from only one supplier or manufacturer, whose advantages are the close relationship between the two parties, stable product quality and low purchasing cost; while whose disadvantages are impossible comparsion with other suppliers and manufacturers, being easy to lose the suppliers and manufacturers with more favorable quality and price, and low purchasing mobility. In addition, if this single supplier or manufacturer has issues, it will affect the production and operation activities of the corporate. Multiple suppliers or manufacturers refer to ordering some sorts of products from more than one supplier or manufacturer. Its advantages and disadvantages are the opposite of single supplier or manufacturer.

3.Domestic purchasing and international purchasing

If you choose domestic suppliers and manufacturers, the price may be lower and you can achieve in-time production or zero inventory strategy due to the proximity of the location. If you choose international suppliers and manufacturers, you may be able to purchase items that cannot be reached by domestic corporates, and improve your own technology and expand your supply sources.

4.Direct purchasing and indirect purchasing

You should take the direct purchasing way to avoid price spread of the middleman and to lower the cost if you are doing massive purchasing or purchsing the items that have a great impact on the production and operation of the corporate. But if you just have a small-quantity purchasing plan or are purchsing the items that have little impact on the production and operation of the corporate, you can take the indirect way to save the purchasing energy and to lower the cost.

Our objective is to provide our customers with high-quality products at competitive price with punctual delivery. We are confident that we will be your most reliable stainless steel cookware and frying pan supplier and manufacturer at present and in the future.

For more about how to find the most reliable stainless steel cookware and frying pan suppliers and manufacturers, you can pay a visit to CHANGWEN COOKWAE China at for more info

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