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Iron pots, non-stick pots, stainless steel pots, which should you choose?

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Cooking any dish in daily life is inseparable from the pot. What kind of pot for cooking is not only an improvement and boost to the deliciousness of the ingredients, but also a guarantee for health. So how do we choose a suitable pot?

1.Iron pots

Iron pots are low at price and performs well in sealing. The water in the food is not easily lost when cooking, so the original flavor of the food can be reserved to some extent.

However, iron pots are prone to rust and are relatively bulky. For those who like to stir fry with one hand, it is a bit difficult to do it with an iron pan. Moreover, it is more laborious for women to operate when cooking. Many people say that cooking with iron pots or iron pans can supplement human body with iron element; this statement exaggerates the role of iron pots and pans. They can indeed precipitate some iron elements when in use, but the content is tiny, and the human body can absorb and utilize little from it, so there is no necessity to buy iron pots and pans for this purpose.

2.Non-stick pots

From the perspective of use, non-stick pots are a good choice. It is lightweight and has good heat transfer performance. It is very suitable for cooking, but its coating is relatively fragile. Generally speaking, the non-stick effect will deteriorate in about half a year. And it is not suitable to use rough cleaning tools such as steel wool in daily cleaning.

Some people always say that the coating of non-stick pots is toxic and that cooking with it can cause cancer. In fact, there is absolutely nothing to worry about in daily cooking. The commonly used coating for non-stick pots is also known as Teflon, which is stable below 260°C. Normally the cooking temperature will not exceed 200 °C, and the frying temperature is also below 250 °C, but try not to cook with nothing. After 5 minutes of empty cooking, the temperature will reach 800 °C.

3.Stainless steel pots

Stainless steel is actually a metal mixed with iron and other metals. Stainless steel pots are more durable, corrosion-resistant and stronger than ordinary steel. Some people say that stainless steel pots will precipitate heavy metal manganese, which can lead to Parkinson. There is no need to worry about this. The manganese content of stainless steel products is strictly regulated. As long as they are qualified products, they will not cause damage to health, but the price of stainless steel pots is also relatively high.

In conclusion, iron pans and non-stick pans are more suitable for stir-frying, especially for stir-fryed meat. The meat is quickly cooked and not easy to get overcooked, and the taste of the food is preserved to a certain extent. Stainless steel pans are suitable for frying with less oil, and stainless steel pots are suitable for cooking soup and stewing rice. There is no need to worry about the discoloration of the vegetables or the burning of the pots.

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