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Why do stainless steel pots stick?

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Stainless steel cookware is a popular kitchenware nowadays, it is beautiful and durable. If you are not careful during use, it will cause the pan to stick. This article introduces how to effectively prevent the pan from sticking.

The reasons why stainless steel pots stick to the pot are:

Tiny pores on the surface of stainless steel pots: It is true that there may be tiny pores on the surface of stainless steel pots, but its main feature is that it is relatively smooth, and it is easier to form uneven high-temperature areas than cast iron pots. This uneven heating may cause food to adhere to hot areas, causing sticking.

Carbonization of food ingredients: The super heat conductivity of stainless steel pots may indeed cause rapid carbonization of food ingredients, but this is also related to heating control and usage methods.


Even preheating: Preheating is key to ensuring even heating. Before heating, you can preheat the pot slightly and then heat it to the desired temperature.

Control firepower: Medium-low heat is indeed a good choice for stainless steel pots, which can better control the temperature and avoid rapid carbonization of ingredients.

Use ginger slices to wipe the pot: Using ginger slices to wipe the surface of the pot can help form a thin protective film, reducing direct contact between food and the pot, and reducing the possibility of sticking.

Gently scrape the bottom of the pan: Use stainless steel or wooden cookware to stir gently to reduce the possibility of food sticking to hot areas.

Pot maintenance: After cleaning the stainless steel pot with white vinegar, apply a thin layer of cooking oil to help form a protective layer to reduce direct contact between food and the pot and improve non-stick properties.

In general, proper use and maintenance of stainless steel pots, as well as careful control of firepower and preheating, can effectively reduce the problem of pot sticking.

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