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How to distinguish true and fake stainless steel pots?

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1.Stainless steel contains a substance called nickel. The higher the content, the better the quality. The stainless steel products fromregular manufacturers are usually marked with a code, 13/0, 18/8, for example. The front number indicates chromium; the latter indicates nickel; if there is no code marked on a stainless steel pot, it does not contain nickel and belongs to stainless iron products.

2.Distinguish by brand. The production technology of well-known brands is usually more mature, and thus the product quality is more guaranteed.

3.Distinguish by data. When consumers buy stainless steel pots, they can ask the sales staff for data such as rust resistance and wear resistance, and then put them into comparison.

4.Distinguish by reputation.Compare which brands sell well in the mall, what brands are most of the friends around you buy, how well they use, and so on.

5.Distinguish by details. Usually the better the quality of the product, the more attention will be paid to the selection of materials and to the details of processing, likemore humanized designs.

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