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Stainless steel pot, aluminum pot, glass pot which is more healthy and durable

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Stainless steel pot, aluminum pot, glass pot which is more healthy and durable

1. Stainless steel pot

Stainless steel cookware has beautiful appearance, exquisite structure, and at the same time has the advantages of durability, corrosion resistance, rust resistance, easy processing, no deformation, etc., and is the mainstream product in the cookware market.
Stainless steel is a pot with a certain alloy composition. The material of stainless steel pot is 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel, of which 316 stainless steel is better.

2. Aluminum pan

The aluminum pan is light and labor-saving, will not burn or stick to the pan, the heat transfer speed is fast, and the price can be accepted by most people, but the aluminum pan has poor heat resistance, soft texture and easy deformation.
And it is easy to produce toxic substances under high temperature heating.
Moreover, aluminum will also be precipitated during the heating process. Excessive intake will pose a certain threat to our health and may affect the health of the bones and nervous system.
Therefore, the daily use of aluminum pots is reduced.

3. Glass pot

The glass pot has a high appearance, and it is convenient to observe the state of the food during the cooking process, but the shortcomings of the glass pot are also obvious.
One is color bleeding, the color of the seasoning is easily absorbed on the glass, and the pot gradually becomes gray.
The second is sticking to the pan, as long as the temperature is high, it is easy to stick to the pan. The third is that the pot is heavy, and it is very difficult to carry it, for fear of breaking it.

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