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What does Changwen Cookware tell you about a stainless steel steamer?

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Stainless Steel Steamer Steel, magnetic and non-magnetic. Many people are misled. Magnetic ones are easier to rust than non-magnetic ones. This is too general to understand. In fact, with or without magnetism, it is not equal to the quality of rust prevention. It mainly depends on the material of the steel. The non-magnetic ones are mainly 201 and 304 materials, and the magnetic ones are mainly 430 and YH21CT. The 430 stainless steel with magnetic is slightly more rust-proof than the non-magnetic 201 stainless steel, followed by YH21CT, and the 304 stainless steel is a non-magnetic stainless steel that adopts the American standard. It is used for austenitic, medium and high-grade steamers.

Bottom of the pot: Most non-magnetic steamers have an additional bottom, which is called a double bottom. There is a magnetic conductive sheet in the double bottom. The non-magnetic pot itself cannot be used directly on the induction cooker. It can be used with a double bottom, and the double bottom can be used. It has the effect of preventing the deformation of the pot body. A good pot has a three-layer composite bottom, sandwiching two layers of magnetic conductive sheets, while some pots have only one layer of simple magnetic steel, which seems to be quite large, but the magnetic conductivity is not good, and it affects the life of the induction cooker.

Pot lid: There are three types of pot lids: steel lid, glass lid, and combination lid. Generally, low-grade magnetic steamers have glass lids, low-grade steamers are mostly glass lids, and medium and high-grade steamers are mostly combined lids. The cost of the combined cover is also relatively high.

Handle: All-inclusive and plug-in, the all-inclusive will not fall off and cause danger. Bakelite material, recycled plastic material, plastic material, all steel, most steamers are made of bakelite, which has high mechanical strength, good insulation, heat resistance and corrosion resistance

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