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How to turn a stainless steel frying pan into a non-stick frying pan. Introduction to the tips for using stainless steel frying pans

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I already have a stainless steel frying pan at home. When I don’t want to buy another non-stick frying pan, I want to use the stainless steel frying pan as a non-stick. However, stainless steel pots are not completely non-stick. Changwen Cookware Manufacturer tells you how stainless steel frying pans can be used physically. Not sexually involved.

The method to turn a stainless steel frying pan into a non-stick frying pan is through physical processing. The following are detailed steps:

Cleaning with white vinegar: Pour an appropriate amount of white vinegar into a stainless steel pot and heat until nearly boiling. After turning off the heat, use a brush to evenly scrub the inner surface of the pot with boiling white vinegar to remove oil and impurities. After cleaning, pour away the white vinegar and rinse with clean water.

High-temperature heat treatment: Heat the pot over high heat. After all the water droplets have evaporated, continue heating for a while to make sure the pot is very hot. This step helps open the pores on the surface of the pot.

Add cooking oil: After turning to medium-low heat, pour in an appropriate amount of cooking oil. Shake and rotate the pot constantly to make sure the inner surface of the pot is evenly coated with oil. Let the oil sit in the pan for two to three minutes to allow the pores on the surface of the pan to absorb the oil.

Use pig rinds or lard rinds: If you have a fully fattened pig rind with grease, you can use it to wipe the pan. Slowly rub the lard skin onto the pot body and allow the surface of the pot to absorb the oil. This process lasts for about half an hour until the pot body is shiny.

Pre-treatment before frying: Before frying, heat the cooking oil in the pot over medium-low heat for about two minutes to ensure that the oil temperature is moderate. Move the pot around so that the oil evenly adheres to the inner surface of the pot. Next, fry or stir-fry as you normally would.

With these steps, you can convert a stainless steel frying pan into a non-stick frying pan, making cooking more convenient and effective.

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